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Painless Dentist Office

Meet our patient who said her procedures are painless!

Dr. Singh gives a Painless shot! You will not feel a thing!

Another patient Twyla who has been a patient with us for several years. She is so kind to mention how gentle our staff is!

"Thank you!"

I'd just like to thank Dr. Singh, Eileen and everyone who helped me yesterday. You are all great!
Sasi B.
Submitted On: 8/18/2011

"My semi-annual dental implant cleaning"

It was comforting to see that the transition from Dr. Cannady to Dr. Singh had been accomplished with continued high quality care. The recommendaton made by Dr. Singh for a water pic for my implants was a new suggestion and one that I will immediately try. I hadn't heard until today how beneficial it could be for a person with implants. Thank you.
Submitted On: 7/20/2011


I felt very comfortable with the cleaning today. It was fast, and good care was given by Janice. The new computer system that shows what has been do to me in the dentist office is a good tool. My treatment was patient-friendly, and the hygienist gave me input about where my individual treatment has been and where it was heading.The appointment given by Janice was another good idea. We can discuss which day is best to come in. Thanks and keep those changes coming. Jim V
Submitted On: 8/5/2011

"Great experience!"

I was greeted immediately and did not have a long wait. All procedures were explained in the process.
Submitted On: 8/17/2011

"A place that remembers you!"

I always feel welcomed and cared for at Singh Smile Care. I am glad I was blessed with straight teeth and now I have found a place to keep them healthy!
Submitted On: 8/9/2011

"New office a delight!"

The overall office is warm and welcoming. The employees (front and back office) are pleasant and concerned about your needs. Dr. Singh asks about you and your family and seems to be truly interested in your reply. He also is very good about telling you what dental works "needs" to be done and not try and pressure you into things that are more cosmetic, unless that's what your looking for. All in all it's a great dental office
Submitted On: 7/23/2011

"Best dentist ever!"

I have been going to Singh Smile Care for 8 years. I took a 10 year leave from dentist work because I was sick of getting my teeth worked on. I have the thinnest enamel ever and have spent most of my adolescence in a dentist chair. I decided to take the plunge and go back to have a cleaning/check up. I remember Dr. Singh asking me why I had stayed away for so long, so I told him bluntly and through choked back tears "Because I don't like dentists." He laughed and said he'd take good care of my teeth. And he has. He is very gentle and aware of my extra sensitivity. Being a redhead...there is a myth that we need more anesthesia. He does amazing work and I have had a pleasant experience every time I go. The entire office staff knows me by name without having to look at my chart. I've been through a ton of dentists, and he is by far the best one. I've recommended Singh Smile Care to all my friends and coworkers. They are the most personable staff I've ever encountered.
Submitted On: 7/20/2011

"Staff behavior"

The Singh Smile Care staff is always upbeat, pleasant and helpful. Keep up the good work. One thing to consider and help patients is if your staff could wear a name tag. I come to the office once every 3 or 6 months and it would help me recall their first names in our greetings and conversations.
Thank you, Steve
Submitted On: 7/18/2011


Thank you to the team for making me feel comfortable. Dental experiences are very difficult for me.They made me feel at ease and were patient with me. I will definitely continue to make regular dental visits, and my family will also be patients at this office from now on. They have done work for my husband in the past and I will not feel comfortable anywhere else.
Submitted On: 7/16/2011

"Not your typical dentist office visit"

Friendly atmosphere, nice new office, competent staff, always on time. Dr. Singh and his staff are terrific. They do a great job of making sure you are comfortable and leave with a "Smile" on your face and bright, shiny clean teeth!
Submitted On: 7/15/2011

"It's all about caring"

Going to the dentist has become a more pleasant experience with the introduction of the new mostly pain-free technology. Singh Smile Care certainly has all of the latest and greatest in technology; however, for me, it's the personal attention that I receive from Dr. Singh and his professional staff that makes the difference. Dr. Singh and the staff REALLY know how to put personal care and excellent customer service into practice! Thank you.
Submitted On: 7/13/2011

"Cleaning and a crown redone"

I would like to thank Dr. Singh and his team at Singh Smile Care. I recently had a teeth cleaning and a crown redone. Thanks for keeping me as comfortable as possible as the crown was not an easy procedure. I bounced back in no time at all. I highly recommend the services of this office to all of my friends and acquaintances.
Submitted On: 7/13/2011

"Outstanding dental practice"

My patient relationship with Dr. Patrick Canaday began in 1979 and transferred to Dr.Singh in 2011. It is difficult to see Dr. Canaday leave, but I know he has many adventures which lie ahead of him. I have had many complicated dental services performed during these years, and they have all been done in an excellent manner. The office staff is top-notch and professional. I am very proud of my dental work and know that Dr. Canaday has left the practice in the very capable hands of Dr. Singh and the staff at Singh Smile Care.
Submitted On: 7/11/2011

"Always 5-Star!"

My thanks to Myra for helping us figure out the complicated insurance and payments! I know that we talked to her at least three times!
Submitted On: 6/30/2011


I have been seeing Dr. Canaday for 19 years and am sad to see him move on, but I am happy for him. I am pleased that several of the people who have been with Dr. Canaday are staying with Dr. Singh which makes me feel comfortable. I have heard nothing but good things about Dr. Singh and plan to continue to go to his office for my dental needs. I love the receptionist, Debbie, the hygenist and Dr. Canaday's dental assistant.
Submitted On: 6/28/2011

"Thank you!"

I am a new patient of Singh Smile Care and I am impressed with the care and attention they have given me. The entire staff made me feel at home and Dr Singh was very concerned about my comfort and explained the procedures in detail. I will definitely recommend Singh Smile Care.
Thank you
Submitted On: 6/28/2011

"Thank you"

I would like to thank the team at Singh Smile Care. I recently had a crown put on and the experience was better than fantastic. I appreciated Dr Singh and his staff for listening to my needs and for making sure I was comfortable throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend the services of this office to all of my friends and will be sure to mention the great care and service I received. Once again, thank you team and keep up the great service!
Submitted On: 6/22/2011

"Very appreciative"

My visits to Singh Smile Care are always very enjoyable, even though what I'm have done may be a little difficult. The end results is always perfect.
Thank you,
Therena L. Anderson
Submitted On: 6/22/2011

"Easy and calm"

Very pleasant experience always. Thank you for taking care of our teeth.
John D. Anderson
Submitted On: 6/22/2011

"My first trip in years"

It has been a while since I had been to a dentist, and at Singh Smile Care they made me feel real comfortable and at ease. The assistants there are nothing but nice and accommodating. Thank you!
Submitted On: 6/3/2011

"My dental hygiene experience at Singh Smile Care"

I was greeted by Debbie, who has worked for Dr. Canaday for many years and knows most of us by sight. Very family oriented office. She introduced me to Myra, also at the front desk. As each "new to me" employee passed, Debbie introduced me. I saw Eileen for my dental hygiene and bite wing radiographs. She explained the difference in rooms according to where the doctors were working. I had noticed a few changes in the office already. At the end, Dr. Singh met me and Dr. Canaday proceeded with the exam. I will be sad to see him go, but he has new adventures to tackle and I wish him and Dr. Singh luck.
Submitted On: 5/18/2011

"Great experience!"

Our whole family is extremely satisfied with the service (painless) and personal touch that Singh Smile Care gives us each and every time we have an appointment. They truly treat you special regardless of how the real world is treating you that day. Thanks Dr. Singh and Staff for keeping my family SMILING.:-)
Submitted On: 5/18/2011

"Comfort Care"

I feel in good hands at Dr. Singh's office. I trust their judgment and interventions.

Submitted On: 5/17/2011

"Good service"

I have been coming here for a couple of years and have had great experiences. The staff is friendly, they get me in and out, and I can get appointments when I need them. I like their new location - the office is very nice and all equipment is state of the art. I enjoy coming here and would be happy to recommend them.
Submitted On: 5/17/2011

"Making the dentist (almost) fun!"

As usual, I had a great experience. I did not have to wait long to get in; I never do. Your reception staff is always friendly and welcoming, and I love the hygienist (I'm sorry that I don't remember her name). She, however, always remembers details about me and my husband, and is very personable. Dr. Singh was, and always is, kind and friendly, with a gentle touch. I never experience the pain and fear some people associate with going to the dentist. I actually look forward to going! Thank you for excellent customer service and patient care.

Submitted On: 5/14/2011

"My six month check-up"

My visit was very enjoyable. The staff is friendly and efficient. The new location is very handy and the office is nice.

Submitted On: 5/10/2011

"Pleasant Experience"

It is always a pleasant experience. Imagine that......going to the dentist is a pleasant expereince!

Submitted On: 5/8/2011

"Love this place!!!!!!"

I love going to this dental office. They are always friendly and remember my name when I come into the office even after not seeing me for six months. Every time I need major work done Dr. Singh gives the best shots, I can hardly feel him giving me the shot. The staff is alway friendly and they always have a smile on their face. My whole family see's Dr. Singh and we won't go any where else.

Submitted On: 4/6/2011

"Visit to Dr. Singh's"

This was my second visit to Dr. Singh's office in a week's time and this visit was for a regular cleaning. I love having my teeth cleaned because when I have them done with Janice, they feel extra smooth and sparkling. Not only does the hygienist have skills, she is quite personable and we chatted on a variety of subjects. The front desk staff (Myra and Debbie) are so very hospitable, and it is so important since they are the first contact with the patient and set the tone. I have never been disappointed when I have visited-neither in service nor professionalism-Thank you again, Dr Singh and lovely staff!
Submitted On: 5/4/2011

"My experience"

The staff at Singh Smile Care are very friendly and gave me excellent care. The office staff are by far the best I have EVER had! They make you feel at home and like you have known each other for years.
Submitted On: 4/28/2011

"Dental patient"

Service is very good. I am always taken on time. Everyone working in the office is very friendly. The equipment appears to be state of the art. A cost estimate is given to you immediately for needed work. The new office is very pleasing. Prices seem to be fair in the market. The office files the necessary paperwork to the insurance companies. Overall, a very good experience.
Submitted On: 4/26/2011

"Good visit"

This was my second visit and I was well taken care of. Thanks

Submitted On: 4/25/2011

"Great experience!"

Every time I visit Dr Singh's office I experience a warm greeting and friendly atmosphere. The folks are wonderful and have always been pleasant to work with from the moment I walk in to the moment I leave. I'm grateful for Dr Singh and the entire staff at Singh Smile Care.
Submitted On: 4/21/2011

"Second visit"

This was my second visit to the office and the service has continued to be exceptional. It was just a cleaning, but I was in and out in 30 minutes. If you are looking for a dentist you must go to Singh Smile Care.
Submitted On: 4/15/2011


This was a follow-up appointment with Dr. Singh to fix a cavity. The appointment took less than 45 minutes from time I sat in chair to time I paid my bill. The entire staff was welcoming and courteous, the two assistants were friendly, and my care was in their primary interest. I'm not a big fan of needles, but the assistant did a great job with the application and I didn't feel much more than a pinch. Dr. Singh did a great job repairing the cavity. I felt no pain or discomfort following the appointment or the next day. However, the most impressive thing about the visit, was the follow-up call I received from Dr. Singh himself that evening making sure everything was okay. I continue to receive consistent quality care from Singh Smile Care and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new dentist.
Submitted On: 4/13/2011

"Nice transition from one doctor to another"

Thank you Dr.Singh - I enjoyed meeting you today 4/13/11. Sad to see Dr.Cannaday go, but it is nice to not have to look for a replacement. Thank you both and look forward to getting continued great service. And my hygienist made my cleaning the most pleasant I have had in a long time - thank you. Of course thank you Debbie, you are very good at your job.

Thank you,
Monique Eaton
Submitted On: 4/13/2011


I would like to share my dental experience with whoever reads this response with regards to my recent dental emergency visit to Singh Smile Care. The day I called was in the morning, I needed to see a dentist quickly. I was given an appointment the same morning, 9:30 AM to be exact. As soon as I arrived I was greeted with very friendly office personnel who were extremely quick in helping me get my paperwork done and getting me in the dentist office chair. A Big Thank You to everyone!
Submitted On: 4/6/2011


After a couple year absence from the good doctor, I returned to AZ looking for the means to brighten my smile. From the first call to follow up appt, everyone in the office was friendly and welcoming. Dr. Singh even remembered me even though it had been some time. The new location is a great upgrade for the practice. I would recommend the doctor and his wonderful staff to anyone seeking quality dental care
Submitted On: 4/5/2011

"Excellent- 5 Stars"

I went in for a cleaning one week and had to go back the next to repair a filling. Dr. Singh and his staff are always very pleasant and professional. I have been a patient in this office since Dr. Singh took over the practice from Dr. Johnson and I have to say that it has been a nice transition. I never feel like they want to do unnecessary procedures. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Singh's office to anyone.

Submitted On: 3/31/2011

"Teeth cleaning"

Exceeding customer's expectations. No waiting time with experienced and very caring staff.

Submitted On: 3/30/2011

"Quality and Compassion"

I had been putting off going to a dentist because I was so embarrassed by my teeth. My boyfriend has been going to Dr. Singh for about 7 years and suggested I go check him out. The office staff was so friendly, I felt at ease from the first moment I walked in. Dr Singh gave me two different options for treatment and answered all my questions and concerns. I am looking forward to my new smile now!!!
Submitted On: 3/23/2011


Eileen does an absolutely great job!

Submitted On: 3/23/2011


The most wonderful experience I've ever had at a dentist. I had major work done and I walked out of the office feeling confident that I made the right choice by going to Dr Singh's office. The staff is very pleasant, nurturing and reassuring.

Submitted On: 3/17/2011

"Review of first visit"

I feel as though Dr. Singh is a very caring person and will do what is necessary to give the best care available.

Submitted On: 3/17/2011

"Very relaxing and comfortable"

The friendly welcoming staff at Singh Smile Care made my dental visit very pleasant. I was treated as if I was a long time patient and I'm actually forward to my next visit.

Submitted On: 3/11/2011

"Teeth cleaning"

Hi, I had my teeth cleaned this visit. They needed it bad. It was three or four years since my last cleaning. When Dr. Myers retired all my dental work stopped because I wasn't sure about going to a different dentist. I've had some extensive work done but I'm happy with my new dentist. The teeth cleaning took a while because they were so bad, but they are definitely whiter than they were. They feel better too. I smoke and drink a lot of tea which stains my teeth a lot. I'll be back in three months for another cleaning. I'll be back sooner than that for a crown. See you then.

Submitted On: 3/4/2011


Everyone was friendly and courteous
Submitted On: 3/7/2011

"Recent visit"

Recent visit was nice! First time in the new bigger office, and it was very nice, and excellent staff still taking care of me just like before with no change! Always a friendly conversation to be made with the front desk or the hygienist.
Submitted On: 3/2/2011

"Funnest root canal I ever had"

Root canals are never fun for anyone. I knew I would have trouble with it so I asked for a sedative. It worked pretty well but I did have a little complication with it. I know from past experience that I'm not that easy to work on because I get fidgety and can't sit still if my life depended on it. Dr. Singh was very patient with me and it all got done. I do go back Monday for one more tooth. I don't know if it was because of me or the doctor planned it that way. When I go for more minor work I'm not as bad. I'm doing well at home after my procedures although I've slept a good part of the day. I really like the office and staff and I'm trying to get my ex-husband in there for some work he needs. See I'm still nagging him even though we're divorced. Hopefully he'll come see you soon. I'll see you Monday for my other tooth and then come for a tooth cleaning so I can show off my smile again. See you then Ruth.
Submitted On: 2/25/2011

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