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All You Need To Know About The Types Of Dental Bridges

If you have a dental bridge, you should be pleased with yourself. This simple yet visually beautiful gadget helps you enjoy your favorite meals and grin without worrying about slipping. You can visit Singh Smile Dental in Phoenix, AZ for a beautiful well made dental bridge.

Now that you have a dental bridge, you want to know how to take care of it so that it doesn’t become damaged. You’ll want to know how to care for it properly and maintain it.

What Is the Function of a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth or teeth hung between two dental crowns. It is used to replace missing teeth. The crowns cover the teeth on each side of your smile gap, allowing the vital teeth to fill in the gaps created by your smile gap.

We always tint your dental bridge in Phoenix, AZ, to match your teeth’ color and provide a seamless appearance.

Preventing Dental Bridge Complications

Cleaning the region under your bridge at the gumline with a tiny brush and floss threader is recommended by our dentists. This aids in the prevention of periodontal disease as well as infection. These straightforward procedures assist in the overall health of your teeth and the life of your dental bridge or dental crown.

One of the best ways to fill in gaps and replace missing teeth is to get a dental bridge in Phoenix. This is a great choice if you’re missing more than one tooth in a row. There are false teeth called prosthetics in the bridge held in place by the teeth on each side.

In the old days, bridges were made of wood. These are of different types:

The cantilever bridge

It is the old-fashioned dental bridge that holds the teeth in place. A false tooth or teeth hold the bridge in place. The crowns on the abutment teeth hold the false tooth or teeth in place. Most people use this type of bridge if they have healthy teeth on both sides.

In spite of the fact that it seems to be a bridge, the fake tooth is kept in place by a single dental crown that is only linked to one of its two teeth. When you make a cantilever bridge, you only need one natural tooth next to the space where a tooth used to be.

Maryland Bridges
This bridge needs two teeth on each side to hold it in place. It has a metal or porcelain frame glued to the back of the abutment teeth. It also works if you have real teeth on both sides.

Implant-based dental bridge

The implant-supported bridge doesn’t use crowns or frameworks. Instead, it has a dental implant that holds it in place. When a person loses a tooth, they have surgery to put in an implant. If that isn’t possible, the bridge may have a pontic between two crowns attached to implants.

Your dentist in Phoenix, AZ, recommends that you avoid excessive biting on ice or gnawing on raw, crunchy vegetables for the time being.
In addition, you should see your dentist regularly for examinations and cleanings, and you should never scrimp on your at-home oral hygiene regimen.

During your examination, our dentists will examine the fit of your bridge to ensure that it is performing as it should be. We also search for signs of growing oral health problems that might jeopardize the integrity of your bridge and your teeth.

Visit Singh Smile Dental in Phoenix, AZ for a beautiful piece of art in your mouth.

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