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What are the advantages of choosing Invisalign to straighten my teeth?

Having a smile you're proud of is important! If you're living with crooked teeth, but you hate the idea of wearing braces, clear aligners with Invisalign may be an excellent solution for you. They are smooth, comfortable, and easy to wear. Better yet, no one will ever notice that you're straightening your teeth!

Invisalign is ideal for correcting some bite concerns, closing gaps or spaces between your teeth, and moving teeth into proper alignment. If you didn't have orthodontic treatment as a child, or perhaps you did and have had relapse from lack of retainer wear, this treatment may be ideal for straightening your smile.

The first step in determining if Invisalign might be right for you is to schedule an evaluation with one of your dentists in North Mountain Village. With x-rays, photos, models of your teeth and a thorough examination, we'll determine if Invisalign will best suit your treatment needs.

If not, there are other options for cosmetic dentistry in North Mountain Village, AZ that will help you achieve the smile you want. Give Singh Smile Care a call today at (623) 934-6400 to learn more about your treatment options and how we can help you improve your smile.

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