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What can you do for dental patients with diabetes?

Diabetes can take a toll on your whole -body wellness, including your oral health. Patients with diabetes may find it harder to fight oral infections, and they may also be at increased risk of developing periodontal disease.

Diabetes dentistry is designed to help patients with diabetes prevent oral infections and maintain oral health. Dr. Singh understands the oral health complications of diabetes and is knowledgeable about diabetes medications and how they interact with medications used in dental care.

We are also careful to use dental treatments that are safe for diabetics. Proper oral health care for diabetics combines a conscientious at-home hygiene routine with dental cleanings done by a skilled professional hygienist.

If you are managing diabetes, Dr. Singh can work with your doctor to make sure you are receiving the care that is most appropriate to support your oral health and overall wellness. With proper care you can minimize the harmful effects of diabetes on your oral health.

Care Pairing With Specialists

At Singh Smile Care, we promote total wellness that includes your oral health and your general health. We focus on providing you with treatments that address both. If you are a diabetic, or are caring for someone who is, please contact our office.

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