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What do you do for dental patients with ongoing medical conditions?

What can you do for dental patients with ongoing medical conditions?

Dental patients with ongoing medical conditions require special care to ensure that their needs are handled safely and appropriately. Standard dental appointments may not be appropriate for some patients with existing medical conditions, and our professional team provides flexible scheduling options and personalized treatment to fit each patient. For instance:

  • Patients with arthritis may not be able to sit comfortably through a standard-length dental appointment. We can help you by breaking up your treatment into more manageable segments.
  • Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease often require more frequent dental examinations, as they become less able to prevent and recognize oral health problems.

Dental Care While On Medication

If you’re taking medication for an ongoing medical condition, these medications may affect your dental care. Dr. Singh is highly experienced in employing the special precautions that these patients need to take, and we will work closely with the patient’s doctors to manage medication side effects.

  • Medications for Alzheimer’s disease - antidepressants, sedatives, and antipsychotics - often cause harmful dental health side effects, most often extreme dry mouth.
  • Medications for arthritis can lead to increased acid erosion, mouth sores, and oral tissue inflammation.

Every member of our team is trained to handle the special medical needs of these patients with care and sensitivity. You can be sure that if you or a member of your family needs special attention, we will do everything possible to provide the safest, most effective oral health care available.

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