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I'm not feeling any pain. Why do you recommend treatment?

preventive dentistry in north mountain village | singh smile careAt Singh Smile Care, we recommend practicing preventative dentistry to maintain a healthy and vibrant smile. Our highly skilled dental team may recommend necessary dental treatments so that your oral health is protected. Phoenix patients who adopt a preventative dentistry approach can have major underlying oral issues identified and treated as soon as they occur by our trained dentists. Correcting a health problem before it becomes severe is more comfortable than fixing an existing one!

Preventive Dentistry in North Mountain Village, AZ

When our Phoenix dentist detects an oral health issue, many patients exhibit surprise since they did not notice symptoms or pain. Dental problems like gum disease can be asymptomatic, meaning that few signs are noticeable that there is an underlying issue. Patients won’t know if they are developing a cavity on the outer layer of a tooth as there no pain receptors on the enamel. 

Untreated Dental Issues​

When a dental issue goes untreated, it will only get worse. Tooth decay will start to spread to the pulp and nerve of the tooth, resulting in pain and swelling. Dr. Singh and his dental team can prevent dental emergencies and oral pain through regular dental checkups and examinations. Untreated oral issues can result in costly dental procedures like root canal therapy or dental implants.

At Singh Smile Care, we strive to provide patients with the utmost preventive and general dental care available. While some dental emergencies like accidents and trauma may be unavoidable, we can help prevent the ones that are. Dental emergencies are painful and can take time from your busy life. 

Contact our Phoenix dental office today to find out how you can get your oral health on track immediately. We are here to provide a safe and comfortable environment while we keep your smile beautiful and strong. 

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