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How can Six Month Smiles clear braces work so quickly?

six month smiles clear braces phoenix az | north mountain village dentistNothing draws people closer to you than a warm and embracing smile.

Some of us may not have been born with the smile we want, but as adults, we can work towards achieving the perfect look. With modern dental advancements, our Phoenix patients never have to worry about traditional metal braces that can distract others from their appearance. If inconspicuous orthodontics is important for your lifestyle, career, or personal preference, then Six Month Smiles clear braces that we offer at our Phoenix dental office may be the perfect teeth-straightening option for you. 

Six Month Smiles clear braces is the fore-front for dental achievements that allows Dr. Jupneesh Singh to efficiently and reliably straighten your teeth in less time than you would think. Part of the reason Six Month Smiles works so well is that we focus on forward-facing teeth instead of the whole mouth, which cuts down on overall straightening time. 

Benefits of Six Month Smiles Clear Braces

The main advantage is in the name! Six Month Smiles means short-term teeth straightening that combines the dependability of traditional braces with the discretion of invisible modern aligners. For Phoenix patients who have a shorter timeframe to fit maximum results, this option is always a popular one. 

Other benefits of Six Month Smiles are:

  • The average treatment time of six months
  • Unnoticeable brackets and hardware 
  • Reliable results
  • Shorter time frame makes this option more cost-effective

Depending on the severity of a patient's misalignment and dental needs, Six Month Smiles may not be available to all patients. If you are interested in learning whether you are a good candidate for this dental procedure, kindly call our Phoenix dental office, and we would love to schedule an orthodontic appointment to see what your best alternatives are for a straighter smile. 

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