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Why do I need to wear a retainer after Six Month Smiles treatment?

six month smiles north mountain village | dentist phoenix azIt may seem that the teeth straightening process ends when we remove your braces, but the truth is that all orthodontic treatment needs consistent use of a retainer. 

Many Phoenix patients enjoy the ability to change their smiles—and their lives—by using Six Month Smiles. Straightening your teeth is a significant investment in your quality of life and even your oral health. 

As with any investment that takes time, money, and effort—you want to protect it and make it work for you long-term. 

A Straighter Smile in Phoenix, AZ

Patients mainly wear their retainers are during sleep, they are designed to keep your teeth in their positions after the orthodontic treatment is complete. We recommend wearing a retainer to prevent your teeth from shifting out of alignment over time—undoing all the work you've put into them. 

We look at teeth as immovable objects, but the truth is they are always moving slightly. People who neglect to wear their retainers find out the hard way how quickly teeth can shift back to their original position. 

While wearing a retainer at night may not be the most enticing thought, it's better than going through a complete orthodontic process for nothing. The choice is simple; it's better to take care of and maintain your investment than to enjoy it for a short time before going back to square one. Call us at Singh Smile Care to find out more details on Six Month Smiles, retainers, and how you can get started. 

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