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Will whitening make my teeth look too white?

teeth whitening phoenix az | north mountain village dentistIt's natural to worry that your professional teeth whitening treatment will leave you with unnaturally bright teeth. At Singh Smile Care, we can assure you that your teeth will not look embarrassingly artificial. Many times when you notice that someone has teeth that look incredibly white, you may be looking at porcelain veneers and not their real teeth.  

Your teeth can only get so white due to their unique natural level of whiteness, which means that no matter how many times you whiten, they can't ever go beyond their natural shade. 

Not everyone has the same spectrum of whiteness; in fact, there are a variety of variables that come into play. Genetics play a significant factor, along with the natural shade of your teeth, which can vary from bluish-white to mildly yellow. 

Professional Teeth Whitening

We want our Phoenix patients to get the brightest, natural-looking smile that is available for them. Through our experience and skill, we can give you a polished look that blends in naturally and never looks artificial. 

Nothing can revive the sparkle in your smile quicker than a simple teeth whitening procedure. 

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of a whiter smile, please contact our dental office to arrange a dental cleaning and tooth whitening appointment.

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