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Are You Ready To Be Free Of Snoring?

So you think you snore pretty loud, don’t you? If only you were alone. There are many people out there who have this kind of problem. It’s not just the snorer who has to deal with it. Keep your partner awake when you snore. If you are snoring, you may have sleep apnea that has been hidden for years. All kinds of things can happen at home or work if you have sleep apnea. Who likes being tired all day and not being able to do anything? Not at all. We have to do things. Snore guards can be used to help if your snoring is getting out of hand. When it comes to treatment, our Arizona office has what you need. Please don’t waste your time with nasal strips or other products that say they can help you stop snoring. Maybe you do not have sleep apnea and are just a naturally loud snorer, but Dr. Singh will decide. He is the dentist that people in Arizona can trust to get them back to sleeping well again.

Snore Guard can help you to stop snoring in the first place

When you have blocked airways, it has to find a way to get out of your body. Putting a snore guard in front of your nose can help. We need to figure out how bad your sleep apnea is before we can do anything else (if you have it at all). It’s up to you from here to decide which treatment you’ll get the most benefit from, then. If you don’t want to have surgery and your sleep apnea isn’t as bad as other people’s, a snore guard might be just what the doctor ordered.

Using snore guards may be the best way to treat your sleep apnea after taking tests to see if you have it. There are a few ways we help people who have sleep apnea.

The CPAP is a type of mask that fits over the nose and delivers air to the nose and throat of the patient at all times. This system keeps air moving through these passages so that you can sleep soundly without having to stop snoring. This keeps the nasal passages completely open. It fits comfortably over your mouth and helps you breathe while you sleep.

This doesn’t have to stop there. If the CPAP doesn’t work for you, we also have another treatment that could be even better. If you want to keep your tongue or lower jaw bone out of the way so you can breathe, we also have custom dental appliances that can help. It’s the newest and best thing for people who don’t want to go under the knife. They can’t handle snoring, but you’ll start to see results right away with these state-of-the-art tools.

Are You Ready To Be Free Of Snoring?

If you already snore, there’s no reason to keep it going. With a snore guard treatment, you can take back your nights. People in Arizona should come to us for more information to fight sleep apnea. We welcome patients from all over the Arizona area.
Visit Singh Smile Care in Arizona for the best snore guard treatment.

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