What Is A Dental Emergency For An Abscessed Tooth?


What Is A Dental Emergency For An Abscessed Tooth?

By Singh Smile Care

A dental abscess is an infection that begins in the mouth and spreads across other body parts. It begins in the form of a cavity or gum infection. Those with poor oral hygiene are often at risk of dental abscesses. In this blog, we will discuss when a dental abscess occurs.

When does a dental abscess become an emergency?

dental abscess occurs when bacterial growth spreads from the cavity toward the soft tissues and bones of the neck and face. The inflammation of tissues can be very painful. The bacteria present in the cavity have the potential to spread toward the throat, cheek, gums, tongue and facial bone. A pus begins to build up at the site of infection, draining on its own or, in some scenarios, requiring surgery to remove the pus. It can lead to swelling, which may further block the airway and cause breathing difficulties. Fever, sweat, chills and vomiting are some of the symptoms for those having a dental abscess. Poor oral hygiene, improper diet, smoking, and certain medical conditions can also cause a dental abscess.

What is a tooth abscess?

When the pus collects around a tooth, it is known as a tooth or dental abscess. A pus is a thick liquid that oozes out due to a bacterial infection. When the body sends an inflammatory response to fight off the infection, severe pain occurs due to dental abscesses. Thus the pressure in the infection site is increased due to the buildup of cells, which leads to pain.

What are the symptoms of a dental abscess?

Various symptoms could indicate the presence of a dental abscess.

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Redness in the face
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Vomiting
  • Inflammation of the gums
  • Problem breathing
  • Oral swelling

When you visit emergency care while having an abscess?

An appointment with a 24-hour emergency dentist near me is necessary for ruling out the presence of a dental abscess if you think you have symptoms. You should visit an emergency dentist if the regular dentist is unavailable or you are consulting them after the appointment hours. You should seek emergency help if the infection has become very painful or the patient has difficulty breathing or swallowing.

How can a dentist test an abscess?

A patient’s physical examination will be enough to determine the presence of a drainable abscess. However, the dentist may recommend taking X-rays to view small abscesses located in the deepest part of the tooth.

What are the steps taken for treating dental abscesses?

If the abscess is drainable, the emergency dental clinic will cut it open so that the pus can drain. The dentist may also remove the pus through the infected tooth during the root canal procedure. The walk-in dentist near me will prescribe antibiotics and pain relievers for fighting the infection.


Maintaining good oral hygiene is important to keep dental problems such as dental abscesses at bay. If you think you have symptoms of a dental abscess, schedule an appointment with an emergency dental care near me to have your abscess drained.