6 Benefits Of Mercury-Free Fillings


6 Benefits Of Mercury-Free Fillings

By Singh Smile Care

Mercury has always been combined with other metals to make amalgam dental fillings. They are harmful to the patient’s and the dentist’s health. Nowadays, dentists are focusing more on mercury-free fillings.

Mercury-free fillings are the best option for those concerned about amalgam fillings. They are made of ceramic, porcelain, resin, and other composite materials. They are better for dental and overall health and do not harm the environment.

6 Benefits Of Mercury-Free Fillings

Mercury-free dental fillings are best if you are concerned for your health. Some benefits of mercury-free fillings are:

Safer For Dentists & Patients

Mercury amalgam fillings expose dentists to mercury during treatment. Patients get mercury in their dental fillings and risk swallowing small amounts of mercury. It leads to neurological and other health problems. The symptoms depend on the length of exposure, age, and health conditions.

A mercury-free dental facility promotes a healthy working environment while adhering to the medical professional’s ethical obligation not to harm.

Healthier Option

Mercury is poisonous.  Mercury vaporizes quickly at room temperature and has no odor, taste, or color. As a result, the patient and the dentist are unaware that it is being absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Its use in fillings is a dangerous practice that should be prohibited, which can affect the immune, urinary, cardiac, respiratory, and digestive systems.

Gives You A More Natural Smile

A metal crown or filling is visible when you speak or smile.

You can fill a cavity or protect a broken tooth with a restoration that blends in with your smile using mercury-free options. A dentist can examine your teeth to ensure that your restoration matches the color of your teeth.

Better For The Environment

Mercury can easily enter the water system. A dental office may unknowingly send mercury out with the water leaving the office after a day of working with amalgam. It then contaminates public water sources and pollutes the environment. Taking it out of dental procedures brings us closer to a healthier world.

Safe Method

Mercury exposure has been linked to seizures, fibromyalgia, lupus, allergies, and multiple sclerosis, according to research. It only takes seven fillings to raise the level of mercury in 

Stronger Options

Composite dental fillings provide a lot of flexibility because they look like natural teeth. They aid in the repair of a damaged tooth. After a few years of use, amalgam fillings may break or shrink. This damages the tooth and allows bacteria to enter the cavity.

The Bottom Line

Mercury fillings harm the dentist, the patient’s health, and the environment. They should be removed and disposed of carefully. Contact your dentist and discuss with them thoroughly to consider your best options, and get mercury-free dental fillings for better health.