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Full Mouth Rehabilitation & Smile Makeovers

Smile Gallery

Sometimes words are not enough to describe the stunning results we can help you achieve. Please browse through our Smile Gallery for examples of what our great treatments can do for your smile! All work shown in the pictures has been perfomed by Dr. Singh.

Full Smile Makeover

Rafael recently had a smile makeover at our dental office. Our smile makeover treatment is custom-made to meet the unique smile requirements of our patients. We helped Rafael achieve the smile that she always wanted. A smile that looks natural and feels comfortable.

Cosmetic Porcelain Bridge

Replace missing front teeth by bridging across an all porcelain bridge. Bridges work by using your existing teeth to hold your new teeth in place! Find out more by calling our office!

Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers

Chipped, worn, uneven teeth can be fixed with minimal drilling. Porcelain Veneers can be done to improve a patients smile in 2 quick visits.

Smile Transformation

Using short term braces and cosmetic crowns for front 8 teeth to close spaces and improve patients chipped and worn teeth.

Smile Makeover - Full Mouth Rehabilitation

This patient was able to brighten the appearance of their teeth while smoothing out some chipped edges and filling in gaps. Find out how they achieved such stunning results and how you can do the same by coming to our office!

Full Upper Anterior Crowns

By placing dental crowns over their teeth, this patient was able to drastically improve their smile while also protecting their natural teeth! Find out more by calling our office located in Phoenix, AZ.

Anterior Crowns

This patient had decay and slight crowding on his 4 front teeth. He wanted to feel better about his smile and in just a few visits we were able to make his dreams come true.

Cosmetic Crowns to replace decayed teeth

This patient had big cavities in their front 4 teeth and she wanted to improve the appearance of her smile. In two simple visits we were able to give her the smile she was looking for!

Severe crowding fixed in 2 weeks

Our patient had severely flared out teeth and were not aligned. This caused her to be shy and not smile much. We corrected this in less than 2 weeks and gave her the dream smile she always wanted.

Smile makeover with beautiful Porcelain Crowns

Patient had several discolored fillings and was unhappy about her smile. We brought confidence back in this lady by improving her smile.

Gum recession and root exposure

Over time, our patient had seen his gums pull away from the teeth and expose the roots. He had big spaces between teeth and food would always be stuck in those spaces. After every meal, he had to use a toothpick to get it out. He was tired of it and was unhappy about the appearance. We were able to improve the look and made it easier to clean his teeth by putting on porcelain crowns.


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People From Everywhere Love Us!


People From Everywhere Love Us!