Which Scenarios Can Be Considered A Dental Emergency?


Which Scenarios Can Be Considered A Dental Emergency?

By Singh Smile Care

Emergency dentistry is a branch of dentistry that provides immediate treatment for those in urgent need of dental-related help. Problems related to teeth and jaws can arise anytime, and at times we are not sure what to do during such emergency scenarios. You cannot schedule an appointment with a general dentist during the day or night without scheduling a prior appointment. Here comes the importance of emergency dentists. Not every dental office provides emergency dentistry services. 

No Need To Fix the Appointment Earlier

You should research the best emergency dentists nearby in advance to approach them right away when in need. Emergency dentists are available throughout the day, including on weekends and holidays. There is no need to fix an appointment for seeing an emergency dentist. People can walk into the dental office to see an emergency dentist in Phoenix when in need. It is always ideal to ask your friends or family members to call the emergency dental office when you require urgent help. It helps the staff and dentist in the emergency dental clinic prepare the right treatment to give you when you reach the dental office. 

When should you see an emergency dentist?

A dental emergency can happen because of two reasons. It could be due to an accident or trauma, or it can be due to an underlying infection such as gingivitis or periodontal disease. If you witness a severe toothache while brushing your teeth, rinsing, or flossing, visit your nearest emergency dentist in Phoenix. A toothache could be a sign of periodontal disease, which has led to severe pain. If left untreated by a dentist, it could result in tooth loss. The dentist may recommend tooth extraction if the teeth have been damaged beyond repair. 

While playing contact sports, a tooth can get knocked out. The tooth can also get knocked out during a fall or accident. In either scenario, the affected person should visit the emergency dentist in Phoenix as early as possible. Hold the knocked-out tooth without touching the root of the teeth. Then place the teeth in salt water or milk and try reaching the emergency dental office within an hour. There is a high possibility that the knocked-out tooth can be fixed in place without getting damaged. 

If the gum is bleeding or you have an injured cheek or tongue which has caused bleeding, then that too is a scenario that requires immediate medical attention by a Phoenix dentist. Another scenario is when the braces that the patient has been wearing become loose or get broken. It would be best never to adjust the braces yourself since it requires a dental professional’s help. If such a scenario occurs, visit the emergency dentist in Glendale right away. 

Moreover, if you have a chipped or cracked tooth with a significantly large chipped portion, you should visit the emergency dentist to fix the problem. Similarly, if you have a cracked tooth, a lost dental crown, a lost dental filling, etc., you should visit your dentist as early as possible.