Which Is The Best? Filling The Tooth Or Root Canal Treatment


Which Is The Best? Filling The Tooth Or Root Canal Treatment

By Singh Smile Care

Dental decay has become a common dental problem nowadays. We all may experience cavities at some point of time in our lives. Even though the dentist may recommend dental filling mostly, a root canal procedure may also become necessary depending on your teeth condition. This blog will describe the differences between a root canal treatment and dental fillings. You will also learn about the various benefits of both and when you might need them.

How does the root canal differ from a normal filling?


The dentist may recommend a filling whenever the patient experiences minor tooth decay or cavity. A filling may prove to be an effective procedure unless and until the infection has not progressed towards the pulp of the tooth or the connective tissues located in the center of the tooth. Your dentist may recommend filling whenever you have small tooth fractures also. When filling, the cavities will be removed, and the hole will be cleaned before filling it with a composite resin. Thus, fillings help prevent issues from worsening further or causing more pain and dental issues.

Root Canal

When infection or cavities in the tooth has progressed to such a stage wherein it has almost reached the pulp of the teeth; then a dental filling may not be an effective option. During such scenarios, the emergency root canal dentist near me will perform a dental root canal treatment. It is recommended for those having severe and untreated cavities. The dentist will remove the tooth’s pulp, surrounding tissues, and damaged nerves to help the patient get rid of the intense pain.

Signs you need a filling

  • Cavities may cause visible dark spots in the teeth. You may also find that the food gets stuck between the holes of the teeth.
  • A filling is essential when you have cavities and if you want to fix the problem of tooth fractures. Fillings also help prevent further tooth damage.

Signs you need a root canal

If the decay extends towards the tooth’s pulp, an affordable root canal near me may become necessary. Some of the key signs that indicate that you need a root canal include;

  • You may have a severe cavity if your teeth hurt while drinking coffee or eating ice cream. Based on the severity of the issue, you may notice that the teeth sensitivity may become a sharp pain or dull ache, which continues to stay for some time, even after eating.
  • There may be various causes of tooth discoloration. However, if only one of the teeth looks stained or discolored, it could be a sign of an infection that has been set into the tooth. If left untreated, the infection can damage the tooth’s roots, weaken the blood supply, and give the teeth a gray appearance.
  • If you experience swollen gums around a single tooth, it could be an infection sign. A root canal procedure can fix the dental problem.
  • Experiencing pain when touching teeth indicates that your teeth may need a root canal.

Advantages of filling

  • It prevents the growth of cavities.
  • Fillings enhance the overall structure of the tooth.
  • Fillings strengthen the fractured teeth.
  • It improves the aesthetic appearance and the color of your teeth.
  • It prevents the teeth from decaying.

Advantages of root canal procedure

  • Root canal therapy prevents tooth loss.
  • It prevents infection from affecting adjacent or neighboring teeth.
  • It enhances the overall appearance of the teeth.
  • It boosts not only oral health but also overall health.
  • It eliminates the possibility of jawbone degeneration.

How to know what procedure you require?

If you experience pain while chewing, once you notice that the strings of floss get stuck on the teeth, when increased sensitivity is felt depending on the temperature of a meal, then it could be signs that you need a dental filling to be performed at the earliest. If the gum area swells, reddens and increases in size, it could be signs that your teeth are affected, and a root canal is required.

Thus in the blog, we have discussed the difference between dental fillings and root canal therapy, signs that you need root canal and fillings, the advantages of both etc. If you have pain in the teeth, then visit a root canal dentist near me to know whether a dental filling or root canal is necessary.